Nordic performance outlet

Performance parts 4 sale:


New complete D2 330mm 8-piston mono brake kit for Saab 9-5 1998-2001 
Listed price: 18.000SEK. 



Used Saab ng9-5 2.8T engine aprox 100.000km for sale. 
Needs new timing chains. 
Can be sold as it is or with new chains and such. 
Sells for 15.000:- 


DO88 intercooler for Saab 9-3SS/SC V6. 100% Bolt-on fitment. 
Listed price 5560SEK 
Sells for 5000SEK



LCD-Combi intrument. 
Rpm: 0-8000rpm 

Oiltemp: 40-150c

Watertemp: 40.120c

Voltage: 8-18v 


Sensors with 1/8npt included. 
LCD size= 140x20x80mm 

Listed price:  1000SEK

Sells for:  500SEK 


New performance exhaust manifolds for Saab B284 V6. Suitable for those who wish to build custom placement and with bigger turbo. 
listed price 11.0000SEK
Sells for: 8.000SEK 


Steel sleeve for Saab gearbox. 
Sells for 400SEK


Slightly used flywheel for Saab B284. 
Solid lighter steel flywheel at only 5.5kg vs OEM 12kg+ 
Listed price: 6200SEK 
Sells for 5500SEK 


Used ng9-3 Aero steering wheel in good condition. 
Listed price: 2700SEK
Sells for: 1500SEK 


New rare Saab B206i engine block. 
Sells for: 3500SEK


Big sale on Hoddies By Nordic size Medium. 
Listed price 550SEK
Sells for 350SEK 

New complete Turbo packing set for B205/B235(+204/234). 
Washers, o-rings and gasket. 
Listed price: 160SEK
Sells for: 100SEK


Used body kit Saab 9-5 2002-2005. 
Plastic kit including front, rear, side skirts and rear bumper fittings. 
Sells for: 3500SEK 


Big sale on car mats for Saab ng9-3 and og9-3 By Nordic. 
Listed price: 700SEK
Sells for: 450SEK


Used TD04 11T turb in good condition.
Fits Saab ng9-3 1.8t/2.0t/2.0T. gets up to 250hp on E85. 
Sells for: 1500SEK


Slightly used reinforced Sachs "783" pressure plate for Saab B284 F40. 
With Sachs 4-disc sinter it´s good for 800nm trq+ 
Listed price: 4300SEK
Sells for: 3000SEK 


New downpipe decat 3" Saab B284 V6 FWD. 
Listed price: 6500SEK
Sells for: 6000SEK


Interested in any parts listed ?  Just send us email for more information.