Sample of parts by Nordic


Downpipe decat 3"  Saab 9-3 B284 V6 FWD+XWD.
Price: 6900SEK 



The new manifolds for Saab 2.8T V6 engine. 

Both gain in less back pressure and sound. 
These ones is build for stock mounting of Turbo. Can be bought with just manifolds for those who will build and place the turbo where they want. 
Price for stainless 321L steel: 17.900SEK
Price for plain black steel: 15.900SEK


We sell D2 Forged Brakes and chassie products. Contact us for information and price for you car.


Intercoolers & hoses comes from DO88 for best performance and quality. 
Contact us for information and price for your car. 

Machining of pistons, here T5 2.3T pistons machined to fit 9-5 T7 engine.
Price: 285SEK / piston + 90SEK/pc for cleaning is needed. 


New reinforced buschings for new gear linkage Saab 9-5 -05 > Set of 2. 
Price: 450SEK

New reinforced buschings for old gear linkage  Saab 9-3/9-5 > -05 Set of 4 and we modify the linkage, can not be changed easy.
Price: 1850SEK 


New reinforced bushings for Saab original differential. 
Molybden/Kromnickelsteel SS2541 90kg/mm2 ( 34CrNiMoS6 )

Price: 450SEK 


Renovation and installation limited slip diff on Saab´s manual gearboxes. 
Price: ~20.000SEK depeding on what to include. 


Service and flow testing of most common injectors. 
Price: 125SEK / injector.


Adapter when installing newer injectors on older Saab with the old airblended injectors.
Price: 250SEK / adapter.


Plug & play adaptercables for installation lowohm injectors.
Price: 180SEK / adapter.


Banjo adapterkit when installing TD04 Turbo from GT17 alt T25 turbo.
Price: 450SEK 


We have much more parts and products than listed here, so please contact us with the parts you seach for and we can help you for sure. 



Nordictuning Dalarna 

made in sweden