Welcome to Nordictuning Dalarna




Nordic is a complete system that allows you to bring the environment a helping hand but still be able to drive a car with blazing performance and excellent comfort.

Nordic brings to market a complete range of aftermarket conversions for renewable fuels and of course our performance that has earned us a leading position within Saab tuning.

All concepts we provide, we have developed ourselves. In this work, we have benefited greatly from 30 Years of Saab, both as technicians and racing drivers. Many of the details are a direct result of our experience from the racetracks around the world.

Nordic enhances the total experience and the pleasure of driving while contributing to improving environment. With a Nordic system in your car you get a totally unique car that surpasses virtually everywhere, both in terms of strength, safety and environmental impact.


All software and accessories we mount is carefully tested for many years, and are installed in thousands of cars around the world, both new and older. The installation is carried out by us at Nordic Tuning where you will also receive a certificate that it has been properly implemented.

We take responsibility for the system to work freely, and deliver on our promises. After installation, you can continue to service your Nordic Saab at any authorized Saab Workshop anywhere.



Nordictuning Dalarna - made in sweden